This is YOUR personal COACH

This is Ivy's personal story;

Ivy is a nurse by trade. She has always had the desire to help people no matter what stage in her life she has been in. Ivy has 2 grown daughters, 2 step sons, a new born grandchild and fur baby named Maxx. She has been married for 6 years. A full plate you may say? Well that is not the end of her story or the beginning. 

As an endoscopy nurse, at the time, Ivy was feeling out of sorts and wanted to take charge of her life. She wanted something more and wanted to get in shape for her 50th birthday. She join this community of amazing people for the accountability and the help to get to her goal. She achieved that goal in 80 days and then was diagnosed with Peritoneal/Ovarian Cancer, June of 2018. 

As a result of her taking charge of her life and making herself a priority in fitness and health, Ivy got through 2 years of Chemotherapy and is now in remission. NOT to say that it was an easy ride the last 2 years but being in great physical shape and eating nutritiously helped her tremendously to combat the disease. 

Ivy teaches other to do the same for themselves at any level of fitness and nutrition. Beginners to experts that need that motivation, accountability and a little push to know that they too can do it and live a beautiful, productive life.

As you know MINDSET is everything, it is the pinnacle of life. Ivy will guide you through every step and mentor you to a new way of life.

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